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Slow touch and ultrafast pain fibres: Revisiting peripheral nerve classificationClinical Neurophysiology

Small fibre pathology, small fibre symptoms and pain in fibromyalgia syndrome – Nature

Managing chronic pain after breast cancer treatments: are web-based interventions the future? – Current opinion in Supportive & Palliative Care

Rare and common genetic determinants of mitochondrial function determine severity but not risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – Heliyon


A whirlwind of everything’: The lived experience of adolescents with co-occurring chronic pain and mental health symptoms – European Journal of Pain

Co-occurring chronic pain and primary psychological disorders in adolescents: A scoping reviewPaediatric & Neonatal Pain

Spinal disinhibition: evidence for a hyperpathia phenotype in painful diabetic neuropathy – Brain Communications

Medicines optimization in acute and chronic pain – Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine

The biology of symptom-based disorders – time to act – Autoimmunity Reviews

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia syndrome – Clinical Medicine

External validation of binary machine learning models for pain intensity perception classification from EEG in healthy individuals – Nature

Artificial intelligence based analysis of corneal confocal microscopy images for diagnosing peripheral neuropathy – Clinical Medicine

Disentangling the relationship between depression and chronic widespread pain: A mendelian randomisation study – Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism


Chronic pain is associated with higher risk of developing and being hospitalized for COVID-19: a Mendelian randomization study Rheumatology

Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of a sleep wearable headband among a community sample of chronic pain individuals: An at-home observational study Digital Health Journal 

Aftersensations and lingering pain after examination in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome – Pain Medicine

Feasibility study of a behavioural intervention for opoid reduction for patients with chronic non-cancer pain in primary care – BMJ Open

Discovery of novel targets in complex regional pain syndrome moyse model by transcriptonomics: TNF and JAK-STAT pathways – Pharmacological Research

Intensity-dependant modulation of cortical somatosensory processing during external low-freqeuncy peripheral nerve stimulation in humans – Journal of Neurophysiology

Cardiac autonomic neuropathy in type 1 and 2 diabetes: epidemiology, pathophysiology, and management – Clinical Therapeutics

Complex regional pain syndrome what is the outcome? A systematic review of the course and impact of CRPS at 12 months from symptom onset and beyond – European Journal of Pain

Comparison of amitriptyline supplemented with pregablin, pregablin supplemented with amitriptyline, and duloxetine supplemented with pregablin for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (OPTION-DM): A multicentre, double-blind, randomised crossover trial – The Lancet