*** Deadline Extended *** PPA Research Bursaries Opening for Submissions

The PPA Research Bursaries are open to applications with an extended deadline until 14th February.

The PPA aims to support pain related research activity of members.

The opportunity for PPA members to apply for 2 research funding streams has been extended. Each funding stream will be able to offer financial support to enable small scale research related projects in order to support physiotherapists and physiotherapy students to undertake pain related research activity.
STREAM 1: SMALL SCALE RESEARCH. This stream will be open to applicants who wish or need support to conduct small scale research studies. We hope to support a number of projects with small grants between £100- £2000, all projects will be peer reviewed and funding will be allocated based on this process and funding available.
Examples of suitable studies may include pilot work (small scale preliminary studies) and proof of concept (feasibility studies collecting and analysing data to obtain evidence to support or refute ideas or plans). Preference will be given to projects that incorporate patient and public involvement and for clinical projects over education projects. Please note that audits and service development will not be eligible.
Funding may be used in a number of ways, for example:
• To back fill staff time – release researcher from clinical duties to undertake the research
• For training – for help with statistics, surveys, interviews, etc.
• For transcription costs
• For payment of patient and public expenses.
STREAM 2: PUBLICATION AND PROMOTION STEAM. This stream will be open to applicants who require support to publish work, either toward publication fees or toward conference registration fees where an applicant is presenting a poster, international travel and accommodation will not be funded. We hope to support a number of projects with small grants between £100- £500, all projects will be peer reviewed and funding will be allocated based on this process and funding available.
Please note these applications are only open to members of the PPA. Projects should embody the PPA mission statement of ‘supporting physiotherapists working across all specialities in contemporary physiotherapy practice, to draw on biopsychosocial approaches to support people living with pain’ and support the association’s goals (see website). Research activity must be led by a physiotherapist or student physiotherapist.
Successful applicants to either stream are required to acknowledge PPA support in any research outputs and provide a written report of results for the association’s journal and website. All acknowledgments of PPA support should also include the following disclaimer ‘The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors(s) and not necessarily those of the PPA’.
Only direct costs can be covered by the bursary.
Applicants should submit their application form via email by the 16.00hrs on 14th February to Selina.johnson@thewaltoncentre.nhs.uk & jackie.walumbe@nhs.net
Please include PPA bursary application and either funding stream 1 or 2 in the email subject heading.
1. November 5th 2021 Open to applications
2. Feb 14th 2022 at 16.00hrs: Application closes
3. February : The PPA Scientific sub-committee review applications
4. March: The PPA Scientific sub-committee meet to consider reviews and make recommendations.
5. March: Applicants informed of the decision
6. March/ April: Funds transferred to successful applicants