Impact of Covid-19 Questionnaire

Participate in chronic pain research

The Pain Relief Foundation are pleased to help fund the following research study conducted through the Pain Research Institute.

Impact of COVID-19 related lockdown and isolation on chronic pain experience

The Pain Research Group at the University of Liverpool are recruiting for a study to investigate the effects of social-distancing and lockdown on the lives of people who suffer from chronic pain.

To participate you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Currently reside in the United Kingdom
  • Identify as someone who suffers from chronic pain –pain that persists beyond a period of 3 months

You will be required to complete a total of 6 online sessions, one per fortnight, which include a series of short questionnaires. Some questions ask about psychological wellbeing at this time – e.g., loneliness or low mood. Each session should last no more than 15 minutes. You will be reimbursed £20 for time spent taking part. Payment by bank transfer organised after participation is complete.

To participate please click the link