Remembering Charlie Beeching

It is with sadness we are sharing this story about the late Charlie Beeching with the permission of his family and friends.
The Family have chosen to support Pain Relief Foundation and Papyrus for suicide prevention in young people.
There are many who feel like Charlie did, in PAIN and hard to accept Fibromyalgia.
There is concern that there are more people like Charlie who became ill during COVID and lived in hope for being better once things returned to normal, but found it was worse.
Is there a link between undiagnosed/ untreatable pain with suicide?
Charlie was sure it was a physical issue and wasn’t happy with how Doctors implied it could be psychosomatic. Charlie did chat with family about how the differentiation between body and mind isn’t binary and it didn’t mean the Doctors necessarily meant it was in his head/ making it up.
Pain Relief Foundation was chosen to be supported as we look at PAIN holistically, we seek the answers which Charlie and others desperately need when it comes to causes and spreading knowledge.
We will continue always to get answers, seek new treatments and support all chronic pain suffers to have a life without PAIN.
Thanks to the Beeching Family for supporting us & we offer our deepest condolences.