Colour The World Orange 2020- Raise Awareness of Chronic Reginal Pain Syndrome

The first Monday in November is dedicated to bringing awareness to
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) with Colour the World Orange.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a debilitating, painful condition in a limb and
little is known about the causes or treatments.
Pain is typically the leading symptom, but is often associated
with limb dysfunction & psychological distress.

Prompt diagnosis and early treatment are required to
avoid secondary physical problems related to disuse of
the affected limb with debilitating and undiagnosed chronic pain.

There is no specific test or cure for CRPS and treatment
focuses on pain relief, physical therapy and psychotherapy.

Everyone is encouraged to wear orange, organise an event
or party (Social distancing of course) or partipcate in one to help spread awareness.

More information on CRPS can be found using the  CRPS leaflet here