Dr Andrew Marshall has Papers Published

Congratulations to Dr Andrew Marshall of the Pain Research Institute.  Dr Marshall is a Senior Clinical Lecturer of University of Liverpool and a Honorary Consultant of the Walton Centre.

Dr Marshall’s research focus involves investigating the structure and function of small nerve fibres, mainly C-Fibres, in both health and disease (e.g. in small fibre neuropathy). This work involves imaging of C-Fibres (skin and cornea) as well as functional assessments with quantitative sensory testing (using the German Pain Consortium protocol) and microneurography.

Through his research conducted Dr Marshall has had three further publications.

A nociresponsive specific area of human somatosensory cortex within BA3a:BA3c? ;

Affective Touch: The Enigmatic Spinal Pathway of the C-Tactile Afferent; Sage 2020

Corneal confocal microscopy detects small nerve fibre damage in patients with painful diabetic neuropathy; Scientific Reports 2020.

To learn more about Dr Marshall or about his other previously published papers then please visit the Pain Research Institute website by clicking here