James Pursey- CRPS RIDE

What a guy !! James you have done us proud..

James suffers from CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) and has supported us again with a charity bike ride around London.
Cycling has been an amazing outlet for him, enabling exercise without wiping out his ability to move for days/weeks/months. It’s not pain free but its tolerable (sometimes).

You have done fantastic James, and you must give yourself a huge pat on the back. 182km is a long way to cycle….

We are PROUD of you !! Raising £1,286 so far !!
If you would like to sponsor him for his amazing effort.. just click the link ⬇️
If you would like to get involved with some fundraising please do get in touch with Jo. email ; jo.stephens@painrelieffoundation.org.uk