Huge well done to the Taylor family

Just wow a huge well done to the Taylor family !!

Becky, Matt and Mark of Taylor family fame completed the  National Three Peaks Challenge to raise awareness and funds for the Pain Relief Foundation.
They finished their trek in 23hrs 37min, despite challenging conditions on Snowdon.
They made really quick progress on the first two mountains with plenty of time to spare, but needed it on the final leg due to poor  visibility and the weather taking a turn for the worse.

In their own words why they took on such a mammoth challenge;

Our mum, Jo, has been dealing with various types of pain since aggressive cancer treatment in 2003, the worst of which set in around 7 years ago, intensifying in the last couple of years.
For Mum, this means constant, dizzying discomfort which is felt strongest while sitting, preventing her from doing basic things like enjoying a meal. Mum is incredibly stoical and pushes through her condition with laughter and positivity, but as it stands there’s no guaranteed treatment for her specific diagnosis.”

This is why we’re keen to raise money for a cause which, in our experience at least, rarely gets talked about.

Fundraising is still ongoing, and we’ve seen a few more donations trickle in over the last few days and to date you have raised a staggering £11095.25

We are lost for words at this absolutely amazing support, thank you so much for choosing Pain Relief Foundation